Geoscience work environments are a combination of systems, applications, data, people and processes. As the technical and business environment changes, so to does the effectiveness of the components of a geoscience organization. A goal of many companies is to integrate these parts as effectively as possible in order to increase productivity while balancing the effort required for maintaining the environment.

The GeoComputing Group has significant experience working in Exploration and Production computing environments and takes a practical approach to evaluating, implementing, and sustaining a number of technologies. We have developed the methodology, tools, and processes to aid companies in the following areas of their geoscience environment:

System Architecture

  • Storage
  • Networks
  • Heterogeneous computing environments
    • Client/Server
    • Thin client computing
    • Grid computing

Standardization and Optimization

  • Documentation of current environment
  • Performance metric collection
  • Centralized user and system environment configuration
  • Geo-centric data and storage optimization
  • Integration of application launching
  • Integration and consolidation of diverse systems and locations


  • Consistent user and system environment
  • Geo-centric content based data management
  • Proactive performance monitoring and capacity planning capabilities