Permanent and Temporary Staffing in the arena of technology is essential in today's business environment, where the future is progressing at a relentless pace. Understaffed technology departments are faced with seemingly impossible demand for adding people and financial deadlines continue, whether you are properly staffed or not. More than ever before, businesses need trained, ready-to-go IT consultants and project managers and sales people to meet their immediate and long term business objectives. Success depends on having the right people, at the right time to get the job done.

When it comes to locating and recruiting top talent in the information technology sector, there's no better partner than Rhapsody Solutions, the Gulf Coast's best IT oriented staffing firm. With over 18 years experience in IT staffing, Rhapsody Solutions provides highly skilled individuals to implement virtually any IT need.

  • Rhapsody Solutions Staffing is the perfect answer when you wish to control your budget and manage your own project but need experienced people to follow your lead. And you need them to arrive on a date and complete the project work on time and under budget.
  • Optimize time, scope, and budget with our Project Manager Staffing experts, bringing in professionals with quantifiable track records who are skilled in the science of IT project management.
  • Custom-made for businesses with extensive employment requirements, Rhapsody Solutions "In Place" places a dedicated, technical recruiter (or a team of recruiters) at your company to seek out and hire the talent you need. Direct Hire Needs? Let us help!

Direct Hire Needs? Let us help!

Information Technology initiatives—from application development to networking efforts and ERP operations—are playing a role in virtually all aspects of business. With the integration of technology and business, the need for highly skilled IT consultants has never been greater. If your company requires an increase in internal headcount of 1 or 100, Rhapsody Solutions has the expertise to get the job done. We provide an experienced range of people and services to help you find the full-time talent your company needs.

Rhapsody Solutions provides the expertise and thoroughness of an experienced executive search firm on a contingent-fee basis. Our dedicated team of placement professionals works tirelessly to locate, identify, and recruit the best talent the IT world has to offer. Rhapsody Solutions interviews all our candidates in person and conducts extensive reference checks to verify the quality of each candidate. Upon request, we will test and validate your candidates' IT skills. We then follow that up with one of the best guarantees in the business.

Executive Search

Executive search is usually the most appropriate means of filling positions for top level or highly specialized vacancies such as senior technical process sales because the pool of suitable talent may be small. Rhapsody Solutions will identify potential candidates and contact them directly. This is often the best method of alerting highly successful executives who may not be reading job advertisements. Rhapsody Solutions services are highly recommended when:

  • Ideal candidates are unlikely to consider themselves “on the market”
  • Individuals with the desired qualities are usually not easily found by a prospective client
  • Advertising may not locate acceptable candidates and is an additional unbudgeted and unneeded waste of time and money
  • Minimal HR and management time involvement required. Executive search cuts the time spent on interviewing undesirable candidates
  • Job complexity is too great for advertisement
  • Talent is identified in a competitor’s management team, but direct approach is inappropriate
  • Extreme confidentiality is a major concern in the case of a new position which may effect an organization structure or someone in the organization
  • Rhapsody Solutions uses a 25 year history of professional direct approach in locating individuals who meet the position specification. This process will normally yield several qualified candidates to compare and evaluate competitively against each other and we maintain a large and very confidential contact database.