A simple philosophy of "Plan the work & Work the plan" has resulted in successful management of projects. Tailoring the approach to meet our client's needs is an essential ingredient of our Project Management model. Involvement of all project sponsors, open communication and cost management are some of the other factors that form Rhapsody Solutions approach to project delivery.

Rhapsody Solutions Project Managers are adept at a multitude of project management methodologies, have considerable experience in all phases of the product life cycle, and will tailor the management of the project to meet the client's needs. Looking at the size of the project, complexity of the issues, available resources, and required timing of outputs, Rhapsody Solutions will ensure that our clients get the results they expect. From the overall strategy to the design of functional architecture, let Rhapsody Solutions get you results!

Rhapsody Solutions will partner with our clients at many different levels. Our project managers can help you to determine your long term IT strategy and ensure that your IT vision is in line with your enterprise wide goals. They are also adept at fleshing out the appropriate Functional and Technical Architectures for your organization and aim to make your IT department competitive and cost effective well into future.

Rhapsody Solutions is a leading provider of project management services and has established a proven track record for effectively jump starting an organizations project management control systems and building a solid foundation for the successful management of a project. Our technical and project management experts are uniquely suited and dedicated to the success of our customers and to the quality of the solutions they provide.

Rhapsody Solutions comprehensive project management capabilities include extensive expertise defining project management system specifications, developing processes, developing and managing complex schedules, budget planning and forecasting, and implementing infrastructure management systems.

Rhapsody Solutions professionals will compliment your team to provide the following services:

  • Requirements Definition and Analysis
  • Project Management Controls System Design
  • Process Development
  • Software Tools Evaluation, Implementation & Training
  • Baseline Schedule Development & Resource Allocation
  • Financial Planning and Forecasting
  • Report Design and Development
  • Project Handover Expertise

How we do it

Rhapsody Solutions uses a systematic approach and methodology approved by the Project Management Insutitute guidelines, backed by years of experience to work closely with your organization’s management team to create processes and plans specific to your project that are clear, and most importantly executable. Our experts are proficient in all the major enterprise software applications commonly used within a project management control systems environment so we can quickly step in and take the ball forward. If you are undecided as to which tools may best meet your projects objectives, we can assist you with developing the requirements matrix specific to the needs of your project and coordinate the evaluation and testing of the software applications so that you can select the product that best fits your needs.

It is important that Rhapsody Solutions can step in and shorten the implementation cycle or fill in a necessary skills gap, but what sets Rhapsody Solutions apart from other consulting services firms is our commitment to knowledge transfer through the establishment of sound documentation and training programs. One of our goals in working with you is to empower your team so the project will continue to be successful. We recognize that our success is measured by the success of our clients even after we have performed our role.