GEO-Science Information Services Rhapsody Solutions is a highly motivated and adept consulting organization that specializes in assisting companies with the business of designing, scoping, implementing and supporting high-performance IT and data management infrastructures. We have extensive experience in evaluating, implementing and sustaining a number of cutting edge technologies to achieve the goals of the customer, typically at a significant cost savings to traditional IT solutions. Rhapsody Solutions has significant experience in Exploration and Production computing environments within the Energy sector. Our team has a broad knowledge of the infrastructure, applications, data sets and processes required to support the Exploration and Production activities in Oil and Gas companies.

At Rhapsody Solutions we believe that no technology implementation can be done in a vacuum and without a strong understanding of the underlying business impact of technology change. When implementing technology, one size does not fit everyone, however, we know that the use of our evaluation, design and implementation process leads to consistent customer wins even in the case of vastly different solutions. To this end, we suggest clear, empirical methods to quantify the impact our solutions have on customer environments and workflows. Our goal is to help quantify increased value, lower support costs and increase performance.

The principals of Rhapsody have several decades of cumulative experience dealing with the business and technology of IT with both Fortune 500 and small companies.

We have extensive experience in doing evaluations, project management and IT architecture development around technolgies such as Network Computing, Data Management, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity, Systems Performance and Infrastructure Architecture.

Our team strives to “think about it and do it right�. Rhapsody Solutions believes that we must consult with our customers in a manner that shows integrity, trust and completeness.