Rhapsody Solutions is large enough to provide the sophisticated IT services you'd expect from a large "Mega Outsourcer", but small enough to provide the cost-effectiveness, flexibility and personal attention you need. We integrate our services as an extension of your IT organization in order to do the things you don't have time, money, expertise, or desire to take on. We completely customize our IT services to meet your exact requirements, and we have a proven ability to work well with internal IT organizations to deliver the exact level of support you require.

Like an internal IT organization, Rhapsody Solutions can design, build & run your IT infrastructure technologies under a single Service Level Agreement (SLA). Best of all, Rhapsody Solutions LLC can provide fixed deliverables at guaranteed prices and timeframes. Rhapsody Solutions provides award-winning IT Consulting that spans the three primary areas within an IT organization.

  1. Application Development Services

    Rhapsody Solutions develops sophisticated applications on time and within budget through fixed fee projects, time and materials efforts, or by providing resources to augment your staff.

  2. Network Engineering Services

    Rhapsody Solutions engineers reliable, scalable and manageable systems and network infrastructures either as turnkey projects or by providing resources to augment your staff.

  3. Data Center Operations Services

    Rhapsody Solutions provides operations support services either as turnkey projects, fully managed operations functions, or by providing resources to augment your staff.