Managing a geoscience computing system in an Exploration and Production environment presents a number of challenges.

  • Multi-disciplined teams
  • Fewer resources
  • Large volumes of data changing at a rapid pace
  • Dynamic technical application sets
  • Multiple servers, workstation and applications playing an integral role

This is an environment that demands detailed monitoring of data and system resources. Proactively managing the systems associated with a geoscience organization allows for calculated adjustments to operations in order to maximize performance.

Rhapsody Solutions has developed the processes and methodologies to help both IT and operational staffs mitigate the risk associated with the operation of systems and sub-systems, in order to create a robust environment for an active Exploration and Production operation. This empowers the user and support community to efficiently focus on high value activities. Each company has different requirements; therefore, Rhapsody Solutions will work with your staff to create an environment that meets your specific systems management needs.

Proactive System Management is a combination of tools, methods, and processes that provide the following functions to aid organizations with their operations:

  • Requirements determination
  • Configuration
  • Automatic metrics collection and evaluation
  • Automated event notification
  • Web based monitoring
  • Web based Help Desk

Benefits of creating a Proactive System Management environment include:

  • Quick problem resolution
  • On-demand technical expertise
  • Optimal resource allocation
  • On-going project/departmental based support
  • Audit trail
  • Cost effective system event monitoring and management